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Since 2008, hundreds of students from around the world have come to study at Lumos Language School in Salt Lake City, and over the years we have heard reports of stresses and inconveniences these students have had to get here to the United States. From the need to help our students was born the idea for Lumos Trip!

Lumos Trip – Your Trip is our Priority.

We strive to provide our students and non-students an easy, reliable and affordable way to travel. If you are coming to Lumos Language School to study or are planning that long-awaited family trip, let us help you with every step of your journey to get here. With strong partnerships with leading travel companies, Lumos Trip guarantees customers and students the best prices on the market.

Our offices are located inside of the Lumos Language School Campus in Salt Lake City, Suite 208 on the second floor. Whether you wish to visit our office or call us on one of our international lines, our customer service representatives are ready to serve you with all your travel questions and needs.